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Hello Life is a cooking oil brand that's passionate about spreading positivity and happiness. Conceived with a distinct vision, Hello Life comes from ANA Oils & Fats - a joint venture between Acalpo Pte Ltd And Apical Sumatera Management Pte. Ltd. These two companies bring together their combined expertise in sourcing, refining and marketing edible oils globally.

Apical is one of Indonesia's largest processors and exporters of palm oil. It has a refining capacity of 10.4 Million Metric Tonnes and 8 facilities across the globe.

Acalpo was founded in 1999, by Mr. Gautam Rampuria, an Indian-origin entrepreneur based out of Singapore, with business interests in India, South East Asia, and West Africa.


8 Large Processing Facilities

10.4 Million Metric Tonnes Crude palm oil refining capacity